“Black or White” documents our states of being prior to taking on our bodies. "Black or White" details whether or not we wanted to materialize on this planet to begin with, and if so... whether or not we knew what it was that we were in for. Currently, Dr. Jackobson is an active Mystical nonfictional writer, via Channeling, “Clairvoyance,” Lucid Dreaming and various other Astral Projection experiences. These vivid transcendental travels have been equally as clear since childhood.

Absent hesitation, Jackobson vehemently admits that settling on The University of La Verne School of Law is because it was rated higher that year, above many Ivy League and Pac 10 law schools, and fervently aided in the lack of ambiguity of both her dreams and visions. Shortly after the Universe saw fit to bring Dr. Jackobson, and Dick Gregory (who she simply refers to as Greg), cosmically aligned to complete the first installment of the trilogy "Black or White," She has finally decided to share it with you. 

May You Be Blessed and Continue to Elevate:

Dr. L. Jackobson