My Story

Currently, Dr. Jackobson is an active Mystical nonfiction-al writer, via Channeling, "Clairvoyance," Lucid Dreaming  and various other Astral Projecting experi-ences. Her transcendental  travels have been equally as prominent since childhood. Dr. L. Jackobson spent time as a Legal A​nalyst (Human Resources), and "Labor Law Specialist," in the sector of The United States Government's Department of Veterans Affairs .

After  her having  been received at the top of her class, and notoriously accepted at the law school of her choice, Southern University Law Center (Baton Rouge),  she graciously declined, accepting at The University of La Verne College of Law (Laverne CA), nearer to her home in California. Ultimately, due to amjuring a myriad of areas of law, one of Dr. Jackobson's professors was so smitten by her legal prowess, she was offered an adjunct professorship to commence immediately following having been conferred the degree of Jurist Doctorate.


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"Dr. Leah has one of the most brilliant minds on the planet and should be congratulated for her accomplishments."



-Dick Gregory


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